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An inspiring music theatre production about the messiness of life... We follow the turbulent tale of Lieve, a barge master's daughter, who struggles to survive in a world that rages against her. From 26th until 29th of March 2011 in Adelaide at Come Out Festival!

Lieve´s parents split up and the boat is sold. Luckily her good friend Jessica looks after her together with shy Aunt Odila. But when the boy she is in love with makes a fool of her, Lieve's dark side takes over. She betrays everything she loves. It seems her friendship with Jessica will be lost forever. Aunt Odila's secret is out. Where can she hide now?

UGLY CHILD is a heartbreaking musical theatre production by Stella Den Haag, written by Hans van den Boom, directed by Erna van den Berg.

Fotograaf: Michel Wielick